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Clay Joint - Filler

Product Information

Filling of joints between trusses and clay infills. For joints between clay or lime plasters and finishing components such as skirting boards, door trim or other adjacent fixtures. For closing wood shrinkage cracks and settlement cracks caused by building components. As a filler-filler for dowel holes, etc.


Natural building clay, cork, expanded glass, talc, cellulose, vegetable thickener.

Building material values

Clay Joint - Filler

Filler for joints between clay and wooden building elements such as door trim and skirting boards as well as for dowel holes. Also suitable for cracks and voids in historic trusses. Clay Joint Filler is the ecological alternative to plastic fillers. The dry material is mixed with water, put into the refillable ClayTec exchangeable cartridge and processed with the cartridge press. Residual quantities can be stored for an unlimited period of time. The shade natural-brown is suitable for natural-colored clay interior plaster surfaces.

Delivery form, coverage

1.5 kg bag yields approx. 2.5 l joint filling compound

13.520 Color shade natural-BROWN
13.521 Color shade natural-LIGHT
Also available: 182/595 CLAYTEC exchangeable cartridge empty with nozzle and piston / 310l


Dry cool storage indefinitely

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