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Clay Topcoat Fine 06

Product Information

Single-layer topcoat for interior use. Hand or machine plaster on ClayTec clay undercoat, clay building boards and other sufficiently flat surfaces made of suitable building materials.


Natural building clay, mixed-grain washed sand 0-0.6 mm, fine fibers. Grain group, oversize according to DIN 0/1, <2 mm. Fibers: Cellulose fibers.

Building material values

Drying shrinkage ratio 4.0%. Strength class S II. Flexural strength 0.9 N/mm2. Compressive strength 2.5 N/mm2. Adhesive strength 0.10 N/mm2. Abrasion 0.4 g. Bulk density class 1.8. Thermal conductivity 0.91 W/m∙K. µ-value 5/10.
Water vapor adsorption class WS III. Building material class A1.

Clay Topcoat Fine 06

Single-layer thin plaster for interior use. Clay topcoat fine 06 contains finest fibers and sands. The material is particularly easy to process and suitable for very fine surfaces. Thus, all flat substrates can be transformed into fine clay surfaces very economically. The application thickness is 2-3 mm. The material is also used as a base for YOSIMA, usually it is simply painted with the CLAYFIX clay coating system.

Delivery form, coverage

Dry 05.113 in 0.8 T big-bags (yields 544 l plaster for 182 m2 D = 3 mm. Approx. 1.47 kg/m2 per mm plaster thickness).
Dry 10.113 in 25 kg bags (yields 17 l plaster for 5.7 m2 D = 3 mm. Approx. 1.47 kg/m2 per mm plaster thickness.), 48 bags/pallet.


Can be stored dry for an indefinite period.

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