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Clay Undercoat Plaster With Straw

Product Information

Single or multi-layer undercoat plaster in interior areas. Hand or machine plastering. For monument renovation, on masonry and solid building materials, for Wandflächenheizungen, on reeds, etc.


Natural building clay up to 5 mm, mixed-grain washed sand 0-2 mm.
Grain group, oversize according to DIN 0/4, < 8 mm. Barley straw fibers up to 30 mm.

Building material values

Drying shrinkage 2%. Strength class S II. Flexural strength 0.7 N/mm2. Compressive strength 1.5 N/mm2. Adhesive strength 0.10 N/mm2. Bulk density class 1.8. Thermal conductivity 0.91 W/m∙K. µ-value 5/10. Water vapor adsorption class WS III. Building material class A1.

Clay Undercoat Plaster With Straw

Single-layer or multi-layer undercoat plaster for interior use. Clay undercoat plaster with straw has been the classic for thick layers for 25 years, e.g. on uneven masonry, for wall surface heating or monument renovation. Up to 35 mm can be applied in one operation. The material has excellent workability, adheres overhead, is suitable for slot filling and much more. Clay underplaster with straw is the basis for all coarse and fine ClayTec clay finishing plasters.

Delivery form, coverage

Dry 10.110 in 25 kg bags
(add. 16.7 l plaster mortar, 1.1 m2 area at D= 1.5 cm. Approx. 1.50 kg/m2 per mm plaster thickness), 48 bags/pallet


Store in dry conditions. dry goods storage is unlimited.

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