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CLAYFIX Clay Paint

Product Information

Not to splash backs or shower areas


Colored clays and loams, talc, chalk, gum arabic, saponin, cellulose fibers, methyl cellulose < 1%(water-solublestabilization). Structural aggregates marble sand 0-0.5 mm (fine grain), marble sand 0.5-1 mm (coarse grain). Coloration by the aluminas, no other color additives.

Clay paint fine grain (previously roll plaster) JADE-GREEN: 1.2 Abrasion 0.07 g (permissible 0.20 g), wet abrasion class 5 according to DIN EN 13300.

CLAYFIX Clay Paint

Clay paint without and with grain for smooth surfaces indoors. CLAYFIX clay paint clay finish made easy. It is available in 146 earth tones that match the YOSIMA color palette (usually lighter). We offer fine grain and coarse grain as texture aggregates. The coating is of high building biology quality, free of solvents, and breathable. The dry mass is mixed with water only, the application is carried out on all brushable surfaces in a cross stroke with a surface brush, brush, or tassel. CLAYFIX clay paint can also be sprayed very well.

Delivery form, coverage

10 kg oval ceiling bucket, 32 buckets/pal. 1.5 kg small containers (bags).


Dry cool storage possible for an unlimited period.

Discover all the available shades

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