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YOSIMA Clay Designer Plaster

Product Information

Coloured clay plaster according to DVL TM 06 for interior design (not in the splash water area).


Mixed grain sand, coloured loam and clay, perlite, cellulose fibres, methyl cellulose < 0.5% (water-soluble stabilisation). Grain size up to 1 mm. Textural additives straw fibres (straw), granite (red stone), glitter (flash), mother of pearl (pearl), sisal (Japan), grasses (country), herbs.

The colour is a product of the earths used, no pigments are added.

YOSIMA Clay Designer Plaster

Coloured clay plaster for interior. YOSIMA clay design plaster is a coloured wall designing material consisting of clay and earth. The clay is both a binder and a colouring agent in one; we do not add any extra pigments or artificial colours. YOSIMA is offered in 146 earth-colour tones, in addition, textural effects can be achieved with six different additives. YOSIMA surfaces are noble, richly coloured and brilliant. Their calm and harmonious appearance can be enjoyed each and every day!

Delivery form, coverage

20 kg lid bucket for approx. 6 m2 at 2 mm thickness.

Textured plasters red-stone, pearl, country 20-25% less surface area due to thicker application. 32 buckets/pallet


Can be stored dry and cool for an indefinite period

Discover all the available shades

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