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YOSIMA Clay Surfacer

Product Information

Clay surfacer according to DVL TM 06. Smoothing filler for surfaces made of ClayTec clay topcoat fine and other sufficiently smooth substrates such as plaster surfaces, gypsum plasterboard and gypsum fiberboard, etc. according to working test.


Clay and clay flour, talc, cellulose fine fibers, methyl cellulose ≤ 2%. Coloring by the clays, no other pigments. Coloring by the clays, no further pigments.

YOSIMA Clay Surfacer

Colored clay smoothing filler on clay topcoat fine and other sufficiently smooth substrates. YOSIMA clay surfacer is smooth wall finish for modern and classic ambience. It is sandable, very smooth and even conditionally water repellent. Calm-homogeneous and vivid-cloudy surfaces are possible. Treated with wax, the color tones become even deeper and more intense. YOSIMA clay surfacer is offered in 146 earth tones.

Delivery form, coverage

5 kg bucket 33/EUR-Pal (6 l filler, approx. 6.5 m2 area when applied twice),
1.0 kg-bucket (1.2 l filler, approx. 1.3 m2 area when applied twice).
The pail size is based on the necessary volume for trouble-free preparation.


Dry cool storage possible for an unlimited period.

Discover all the available shades

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