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Clay Plaster SanReMo

Product Information

Medium-thickness, single-layer base and finishing plaster for interior use. Particularly suitable for sufficiently grippy but only slightly absorbent substrates such as concrete, highly insulating masonry bricks, magnesite-bonded wood wool boards (e.g. WAKA surface heating & cooling systems), foam glass insulation boards and other sufficiently flat surfaces made of suitable building materials. Hand or machine plaster.


Natural building clay, mixed-grain washed sand 0 – 1.0 mm, natural pumice 0 – 1.5 mm.
Grain group, oversize according to DIN 0/2, up to 3 mm. Natural fibers.

Building material values

Drying shrinkage < 2.0 %. Strength class S II. Flexural strength 0.8 N/mm2. Compressive strength 2.5 N/mm2. Adhesive strength 0.12 N/mm2. Abrasion 0.3 g. Bulk density class 1.6. thermal conductivity 0.73 W/m∙K. µ-value 5/10. water vapor adsorption class WS III. building material class A1.

Clay Plaster SanReMo

Single- or multi-layer base and finishing plaster for interior use, especially suitable for the changing substrates in renovation, refurbishment and modernization. Clay plaster SanReMo is mortar for medium-thick applications. It can be applied very thinly at 3 mm and quite thickly at 10 mm. Multi-layer application is also possible. The mortar also tolerates differently or only slightly absorbent plastering grounds. The porous water-retaining pumice content and the fine miscanthus fiber contribute to this. The fiber is not visible on the surface. As a base plaster, clay plaster SanReMo is suitable for all fine ClayTec Clay: Deck plasters, e.g. YOSIMA. It can also be easily painted with the CLAYFIX clay paint system.

Delivery form, coverage

25 kg bag (yields 17 litres mortar for 2.8 m2. Thickness = 6 mm.
Approx. 1.47 kg/m2 per mm plaster thickness), 48 bags/pallet.


Can be stored dry for an indefinite period.

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