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Deep Foundation And Strengthener

Product Information

Apply generously over the entire surface by short pile roller or brush. If deep foundation and strengthener are to penetrate deeply into the substrate, several wet-on-wet applications are recommended.
As a rule, whisk thoroughly undiluted. When consolidating clay plaster surfaces, addition of water up to 25% is possible.


Water, potassium silicate, dispersion, additives < 1%.

Building material values

Deep Foundation And Strengthener

Before applying clay plaster mortar or bonding dry plaster or interior insulation boards. For consolidating sanding substrates made of lime or cement, for example. This can also be used as a glaze on top yosima plasters.

Delivery form, coverage

Water, potassium silicate, dispersion, additives < 1%.


Store in closed containers in a dry and cool place (frost-free!) for at least one year. Tightly reseal opened containers.

Product Sheet
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