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Hessian Mesh

Product Information

As surface reinforcement for clay plasters on solid building substrates in interior areas. Not on planking and cladding made of clayboards or HFA boards, not on HFD interal (wood fiber insulation board).
As m2 plaster surface plus 10% to 20% reserve for offcut and overlap.
The reinforcing mesh is placed on the freshly applied, still plastic mortar and rubbed in with the felt board. The overlap in the joint area must be approx. 10 cm.


Fabric made of jute yarn, finished with starch. Warp/weft approx. 21/20 Fa per 10 cm, clear mesh size approx. 4.5x 4.5 mm.

Building material values

Hessian Mesh

Surface reinforcement for all clay plasters. ClayTec hessian mesh is a canvas mesh made of jute yarn, finished with polysaccharide (starch). Hessian mesh is the classic among ecological plaster reinforcement meshes.

Delivery form, coverage

Roll, width 100 cm, length 50 m.


Dry, airy and protected from direct sunlight for at least three years.

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