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Primer WHITE

Product Information

Thoroughly whisk undiluted, addition of water up to 5% is possible.
Apply generously over the entire surface by short pile roller or brush.


Deep penetrating primer and solidifier: water, potassium silicate, dispersion, auxiliary < 1%.
Primers: Water, calcium carbonate, water glass, clay, dispersion < 5% (improvement of adhesion properties and application safety), titanium dioxide (in WHITE), methyl cellulose, xanthan.

Building material values

Primer WHITE

Liquid primer without granulation prior to application of CLAYFIX clay direct and YOSIMA clay surfacer coating materials. Substrates may be clay plasters or others as needed. WHITE ensures that the clay plaster is not dissolved and mixed with the paint. A firm basis is created for subsequent repeat coats.

Delivery form, coverage

Art. no. 13.415 10 l bucket, 24 buckets/pal, fliquid, for approx. 100 m2.
Art. no. 13.410 5 l-bucket, 56 buckets/pal, flüssig, for approx. 50 m2.
Art. no. 13.412 1 l bucket, flüssig, for approx. 12 m2.


Store in closed containers in a dry and cool place (frost-free!) for a maximum of one year. Tightly reseal opened containers.

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