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ClayTec HFA N+F D25

Product Information

Wood fiberboard (HFA) for planking wood and metal stud constructions in interior areas. For interior walls and facing shells DIN 4103-1, installation area 1 or 2, for ceiling and roof surfaces. On surfaces of water impact class W0-I according to DIN 18534-1, e.g. in bathrooms (except shower areas) and domestic kitchens. With reinforcement layer Base for YOSIMA Clay Designer Plaster or ClayTec Clay topcoat fine 06 with CLAYFIX clay paint as well as for other ClayTec clay plasters.


Wood fibers made from wood from responsibly managed forests. PMDI glue approx. 3.5 %, kerosene wax emulsion 0.5-3.0 %. Production by dry process.

Building material values

Compressive strength ≥ 250 kPa. Bulk density approx. 270 kg/m3, thermal conductivity value 0.051 W/mK, µ 5. Heat storage: Cp 2.1 kJ/kgK, 14.2 kJ/m2K. Fire behavior according to DIN EN 13501-1: E, according to DIN 4102 B2
For stability according to DIN 4103-1, sound insulation of walls and facing shells as well as building material class and fire resistance class of walls and ceilings see ClayTec guide ecological drywalls in the system.

ClayTec HFA N+F D25

Wood fiberboard (HFA) for planking wood and metal stud constructions of interior walls, facing shells, ceilings and roofs. ClayTec HFA N+F are lightweight and breathable. The small format and tongue-and-groove ensure the best workability, even joints in the field are possible. At the same time, it is very reasonably priced, making ecological drywall affordable for everyone! In addition to this product sheet, the ClayTec guide ecological drywall in the system applies.

Delivery form, coverage

42 boards/EW-pal.


D= 25 mm, L= 1,890 mm, W= 610 mm (covering dimension 1.10 m2/board). Mass of approx. 8.00 kg/board = approx. 7.25 kg/m2.

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