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ClayTec HFA Thin

Product Information

Wood fiberboard (HFA) as plaster base in wood construction for ClayTec clay plaster in interior areas. On surfaces of water exposure class W0-I according to DIN 18534-1, e.g. in bathrooms (except shower areas) and domestic kitchens.


Wood fibers from wood from responsibly managed forests.

Building material values

Compressive strength ≥ 100 kPa, Bulk density 230 kg/m3, Thermal conductivity value 0.05 W/mK, µ 5. Heat storage: Cp 2.1 kJ/ kgK, 3.9 kJ/m2K. Fire behaviour according to DIN EN 13501-1: E

ClayTec HFA Thin

Thin wood fiberboard (HFA) as plaster base on wood and wood materials. The boards can be screwed or stapled. In this way, a secure substrate for the reinforcing layer of clay adhesive and reinforcing mortar and the subsequent clay finish is created very easily on wood. In addition to this product sheet, the ClayTec guide Ecological Drywalls in the System applies.

Delivery form, coverage

276 boards/individual pallets.


Thickness = 8 mm. L= 1.200 m, W= 600 m. Surface per board = 0.72 m2.

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